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An eye-catching saddle


Whatever path you take, Sportourer will never leave you on your own:it will always be with you and help you get noticed.

In this case, being noticed is not a whim but a priority: perfect visibility in the saddle means being safer. A concept which could save your life.

Nowadays, the number of cyclists is constantly growing in Italy, and one of the essential missions of Sportourer is to ensure their safety.

In many cities a quarter of the people use a bike on a daily base*: an urban jungle full of dangers, where it is absolutely essential to be perfectly visible at all times.

For this reason, Sportourer offers solutions that help to prevent accidents, making you easily recognisable in any condition. The reflector bands on our saddles actually stand out in the dark and can also be noticed on less well-lit roads.

The more you are visible, the less you are at risk: there is still a long way to go before this message reaches all cyclists, but we are on the right track.

This is the Sportourer philosophy: cycling must always be and remain a pleasure.


*Source Legambiente

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